Prosper: Redefining Cryptocurrency Trading and Payment Solutions

by Prosper

Prosper, an innovative fintech firm, delivers reliable and secure payment solutions, catering to both individuals and businesses. At its core, Prosper stands out with its flagship service - the Exchange platform. The company also provides two additional services: Payments and a comprehensive suite of Institutional services.


As Prosper's primary offering, the Exchange platform revolutionizes the crypto trading landscape. This cutting-edge crypto trading exchange operates on both a freemium and subscription tier model, accommodating the needs of a broad spectrum of users.

Promising the industry's most competitive fees, the Exchange platform offers incredibly low rates, ranging from 0.03% to 0.07%. It also stands out with its support for SEPA and iDeal deposits and SEPA withdrawals, all in euros. These features significantly enhance the user experience by providing additional flexibility and convenience.

Institutional Services

Prosper's Institutional services offer a wide array of solutions, specifically designed for institutional needs. These services provide a comprehensive and customizable suite of tools for institutions to trade cryptocurrencies, implement fiat on/off ramps, and onboard users, all under Prosper's crypto license.

These services grant access to advanced trading tools and technologies usually only available to large financial institutions, making Prosper a competitive choice for institutional users. Furthermore, the solutions are user-friendly and can be tailor-made to meet the unique needs of each institution.


An extension of Prosper's robust suite of services, the Payments service enables businesses and individuals to effortlessly convert their cryptocurrencies into fiat currency, entirely bypassing volatility or risk. This service allows for direct fund transfers to any bank account in any currency, serving as an optimal solution for those engaged in frequent international transactions.

Prosper's Payments service further sets itself apart by eliminating the need for intermediaries, thereby reducing transaction fees and processing times. This aspect makes it an ideal solution for businesses requiring swift and efficient transactions, such as paying suppliers or employees. Prosper further guarantees secure and reliable payment solutions, offering peace of mind regarding the safety of your funds.


Prosper is a trailblazing fintech company reshaping the payments and cryptocurrency trading sectors. Its Exchange platform, the company's core service, offers competitive fees and supports a variety of transactions, making it a top choice in the industry. Paired with the Payments and comprehensive Institutional services, Prosper ensures businesses and institutions can leverage advanced trading tools and technologies, expand their market reach, and achieve operational efficiency. By choosing Prosper, users are choosing a future of seamless and secure transactions.


Frequently asked questions

How do I create an account?

Sign up for a Free Prosper account in less than 10 seconds. No passport verification needed:

  1. Go to Create Account

  2. Fill in the required information

  3. Tap on Create account

  4. Done, you now have an account

Deposit up to €250 and start trading immediately! Verify your identity to increase deposit and withdrawal limits.

What are the fees?

Prosper's trading fees are the lowest in the industry. Create a Free account and start trading crypto for as little as 0.03%. There is no minimum volume commitment. The minimum order size is €10.

How do I verify my identity?

After creating an account you can verify your identity. This process is fairly simple and can be completed in less than a minute.

  1. Go to Account

  2. Tap on Identification

  3. Tap on Verify identity

  4. Follow the steps on screen

  5. Done, in a few minutes your identity will be verified

During identity verification you’ll be asked to make a selfie photo and a photo of your identity document (e.g. passport).

Please note: that all submitted pictures must be of the actual physical document (e.g. passport). Taking pictures of a screenshot will be automatically rejected, requiring you to start over.

How do I add a payment/payout method?

Payment and payout methods are considered the same. Currently we support iDeal and SEPA. We intend to add more payment methods in the coming months.

When you do a deposit, your payment method is automatically saved and connected to your account. To do a deposit follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Create

  2. Tap on Deposit

  3. Tap on Fiat currency

  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit

  5. Tap on your desired payment method and follow the selected steps below:

I’ve chosen iDeal

  1. Select the bank you wish to use to deposit

  2. Tap on Deposit with iDeal

  3. Follow the steps in your banking app or website

  4. Done, you will automatically be returned to Prosper after the payment

iDeal deposits have a maximum of €10.000 per transaction. The balance is reflected within 1-3 business days in your Prosper account after a successful payment.

I’ve chosen SEPA

  1. Create a new SEPA payment in your banking app or website

  2. Copy and paste the bank information

  3. Copy and paste the payment description. Please note: without this your payment will be automatically returned to your bank account.

  4. Verify the payment details

  5. Transfer the amount as you would normally

SEPA deposits have a maximum of €50.000 per transaction. The balance is reflected in your Prosper account within 1-3 business days.

How long does it take to receive a payment into my account?

Prosper currently supports iDeal and SEPA. We intend to add more payment methods in the coming months.


iDeal payments reflected within 1-3 business days in your Prosper account after a successful payment. There is a limit of €10.000 per transaction.


SEPA payments are reflected in your Prosper account within 1-3 business days. There is a limit of €50.000 per transaction.

How long does it take to payout to my bank account?

Bank payouts are performed with SEPA.

Typically it takes 1-3 business days for your withdrawal to be received on your bank account.

Please note that during weekends and bank holidays payments are not processed by the banks. You can create withdrawals, however they will be processed on the next business day.

How secure is it?

We work with industry leading partners such as Chainalysis and Comply Advantage to detect fraud, money-laundering and terrorist financing.

We are registered and regulated by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) as a cryptocurrency provider. 

All our data is encrypted and stored on cloud-based systems.

Can I change my account type at any time?

You can change or cancel your account type from Standard to Pro at any time. To change your account follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Account

  2. Tap on Subscriptions

  3. Tap on any of the subscriptions to change your subscription or downgrade it to free

  4. Tap on Confirm to confirm your choice

Subscriptions are paid up front per 30 days. If you change your subscription before the end of your subscription period, you forfeit the remaining amount of your subscription fee.

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